I always enjoyed watching the America sitcom that followed the life of a propane salesman, King of the Hill. If you're a fan then you too probably watch reruns on Cartoon Network. I have always enjoyed watching the animated series since it began in 1997. Now I had come across a meme that showed the main four dudes from the animated show that I couldn't agree more with.

Someone had picked four well-known actors they thought best resembled the characters on King of the Hill. I could not disagree with the actors that were chosen for particular roles featured in the sitcom. The meme had Hank Hill, Boomhauer, Dale Gribble, and Bill Dauterive and each actor who would play them in a live-action sitcom. Hank would be played by Tom Hanks, Boomhauer by Matthew McConaughey, Dale's character acted by Neil Patrick Harris, and Bill played by David Koechner. I would love to see a live-action King of the Hill just to see the actors play the hilarious characters from the animated series. Would you also want to see the same cast of actors play the four main dudes? Take the poll below!

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    Tom Hanks as Hank Hill

    Tom Hanks does seem like a suitable type to play a propane salesman that is a leader. Hank Hill would best be played by Tom Hanks in a live-action King of the Hill.

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    Matthew McConaughey as Boomhauer

    Matthew McConaughey has the perfect accent to play the perfect Boomhauer. Besides the accent, he also has the charming good looks. Afterall, Boomhauer was the ladies man in the show.

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    Neil Patrick Harris as Dale Gribble

    Neil Patrick Harris has always played the hilarious goofball in most of his roles. We also know that Dale is a goofball and not so smart when it comes to common sense.

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    David Koechner as Bill Dauterive

    David Koechner just has that exact physical physique as Bill. The headshot definitely can show some kind of a resemblance. Plus, Bill is such a sweetheart which David can also play that role too.