A couple of years ago Mustafa Qayum preferred to do his project on El Paso instead of his own hometown, Houston. It's always good to see our hometown gain interest from out of towners.

In my opinion, I believe that living next to another country helps us gain more popularity. El Paso probably gained the spotlight by the whole drug trafficking and killings in Juarez. Mustafa also goes by The Budget Traveler which the name fits him well since is another reason why he chose El Paso. He includes clips from videos of people and places he found interesting that left a good impression on him. A resident of Juarez surprised him by speaking Urdu the language that Mustafa's familiar with. So rest your feet and give your eyes a tour from someone else's perspective of our borderland city.

This tour will take you through 2 countries in just one day giving his personal opinion on our Borderland city!

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