El Pasoans are passionate. We're passionate about our city, we're passionate about our sports teams, we're passionate about our beliefs and we're passionate about our food. Seriously, I'm part of a foodies group here in El Paso (shoutout to the foodies) and it's no shocker that when it comes to food, we all get a little heated when it comes to our favorite foods.

Food is subjective, and when it comes to the food in El Paso- to us, none can do better. However, I didn't think that food would be a topic of contention when I asked our faithful KLAQ listeners: "What Conversation Topics Instantly Start a Fight Between El Pasoans".

Naturally, we go a lot of comments- as I've said, El Pasoans are passionate. From comments like "KLAQ sucks" (which aren't very helpful when taking a poll like this FYI) to the downtown arena to the Cowboys- you all had a lot to say.

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But the one comment that brought in more replies was:

"Chicos Tacos sucks, In N Out is better than Whataburger, La Pila isn't all that great....."

Actually, quite a few of you have a beef with Chico's (was it the change in cheese?) and with Whataburger. Both are polarizing; I've even gotten into the habit of telling out of towners that Chico's is definitely an "acquired taste". Not everyone is going to love it. Do I like the cheese? Not really, but do I still eat it? Hell yea. Chico's is so influential that other places around town have created their own versions of the "taco you can drink".

Whataburger is also very polarizing, and it has its faithful followers who will defend it to the core. I always think it's unfair to compare it to In-N-Out burger, we don't have one here! Sure In-N-Out is its own type of delicousness, but it shouldn't be compared to Whataburger. I love both equally.

So if you're ever in a group, and don't want to start a fight, never say In-N-Out is better than Whataburger, and that Chico's sucks, because it might not end well.

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