Texas is big on a lot of things, including pickup trucks. We love our trucks, no doubt about that at all, but which one do we love most?

Mirror, mirror on the wall, what is Texas most beloved truck of all? Well, for starters, it isn't my Toyota Tacoma. I love my truck and we have gone through some rough stuff together, on purpose and as a result of weather and/or crazy drivers.

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From traveling sideways along a sand dune at Elephant Butte to sliding sideways down US-54 during a rare, heavy snowfall; having a 4x4 definitely has it's upside. That 4 wheel drive comes in even handier when out playing around in the desert.

As dependable, sporty and cool as it is the Toyota Tacoma did not win "top truck" honors in Texas. Year after year, the "most popular truck in Texas" award always seems to go the Ford F-150.

Which, having once owned an F-150 4x4, I can tell  you is well deserved.

Ford Launches 2009 Version Of F-150 Pickup Truck
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That truck was awesome. I had to give it up after it was totaled by another truck slamming into me from behind. (A freakin' Chevy which was also totaled.)

The Chevy Silverado came in second in January, 2021 and the Ram 1500 took third. You don't really need official studies to figure out the number 1 truck around here though.

Just stand on a busy corner and count ... every other truck you see will be an F-150. Many of which are older models, further affirming their dependability and quality.

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The Toyota Tacoma didn't make the top 10 in that '21 study but the Toyota Tundra did. It was #4 if you care about those things.

After all that though, believe it or not, Texas is NOT the number 1 state for pickup trucks.

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