Some of the football team members from San Elizario High School are making a statement. There have been over 30 shares of the photo shoot for some football teammates from San Elizario High School.

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As we approach Friday night football games for 2022 the high school football players are certainly ready. In fact, some of the football teammates of San Elizario High School had a genius idea for their photo shoot.

The mighty football teammates of San Elizario High School recently made a bold statement. You may have already seen the proof if you happen to follow a photography group HDZMEdia on Facebook.

Now if you know all the high school mascots pretty well then you should know the Eagles represent San Elizario High School. But a group of football players decided to include an animal that is the symbol of the greatest of all time.

As you will see from HDZMedia's photos they shared, the teammates of San Elizario High School posed with an actual goat. In my opinion, they made a smart move hyping up their football season.

You can also see one of the Jefferson High School football players posing with pancakes. While another football player from Jefferson High School is lifting weights.

But I think we can all assume the point San Elizario High School football players are trying to say. The teammates are certainly sending out goat vibes and expect to have a good football season this year.

Of course, I am sending out the best of luck to all the high school football teams this season. Be sure you scroll through the photos HDZMedia shared from a couple of photo shoots.

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