Finally, something to see that COVID 19 can't have canceled or postponed!!

From now through April 25th, the Lyrid meteor shower will put on its annual show in the sky. At its peak, up to 100 meteors per hour may be visible this year.

The annual Lyrid meteor shower is active each year from about April 16 to 25. In 2020, we expect the shower to pick up beginning late at night on Sunday, April 19, 2020, probably peaking in the predawn hours on Wednesday, April 22. The follow morning (April 23) might be good too, if you’re game. -

Since we can't leave our homes for another 30 days, here is something pretty much anyone can do from home. Granted, light pollution and limited viewing/vantage points may hamper your view a bit but, you should still be able to see at least some from your home. Those who live out in rural areas, away from the city, will see better and more clearly.

I'm not recommending this ok but, getting far out into the desert will give you the best view. (And keep you "socially distant".) For more info, click here.

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