A thousand years from now, historians will be referencing Facebook posts in their re-telling of what mattered to people before the earth exploded/was nuked/entered a new ice age. Unfortunately, ‘The Face’ hasn’t been around forever, so we can’t go back and ponder what, say Abraham Lincoln’s status message was before he went off to Ford’s Theatre.

The History of the World According to Facebook‘ pretends that we could see what he’d have written for those spending countless hours giving a hard thought to what Lincoln might have said for his friends that fateful day. We always wondered what Mrs. Lincoln might have posted after the show. Hopefully not photos from the night.

Entries of note include Marie Antoinette listed as “separated from Her Head” and Humpty Dumpty with a status message of “Great view from where I’m sitting,” then a follow up comment of “OH SHI” with another message to King’s Horses for “a little help?”

The book does stray into the tasteless, like a status update from Anne Frank of “OK this is a *really* intense game of Hide and Seek.”  You’re going to hell for laughing at that. If you’d like to complain about that joke, or anything in the book, you can go to – of course – the book’s Facebook page.

This book by Wylie Overstreet is a parody and a silly one at that. We will happily press the LIKE button on it.