This carpool karaoke is worth the watch since it features Linkin Park! This was the funniest carpool karaoke to watch because Ken Jeong took James Corden's place.

James Corden was interviewed about releasing the footage featuring Linkin Park. James Corden being the gentleman he is, said it would be up to Chester's family. Thankfully the family of Chester Bennington went ahead and gave the okay to release this segment. I am glad they said yes because watching this made me laugh a lot. During this episode Chester was trying to teach Ken how to scream sing and Chester's comment stung a bit. I got goosebumps hearing Chester say that day was probably the greatest day of his life. It was also funny to see Ken picking on Mike in the back seat and watching them all have a great time.

This may be 20 minutes long, but it is worth the watch to see Chester smiling and doing what he does best....scream singing!