Crown Royal fans in the Sun City are rejoicing about the latest adult beverages that landed in El Paso. Just recently a local El Pasoan shared her excitement about what she found at an adult beverage store.

She shared a photo of the newest adult beverages from Crown Royal on Facebook. So now, you can kill two birds with one stone when you want to enjoy some whiskey and cola.

One of the mixed drinks is Crown Royal's whisky and cola so you don't have to buy the bottle and the cola to go with it. Those aren't the only flavors that Crown Royal released not too long ago.

The other mixed drinks available to purchase are Peach Tea and Apple. When I first heard the news about the canned drinks I considered it a rumor. Now that I saw physical proof that Crown Royal's canned drinks really do exist I am tempted to try them.

At first, when word got around people were questioning it and considering it fake news. Plus, when images of the Crown Royal canned drinks were going viral people still doubted the news.

The only reason fans doubted the news was because of the way Crown Royal's cans were designed. Apparently, there is an eensy-weensy gap between the aluminum can and the wrapper design. But luckily, the news about Crown Royal's canned adult beverages is very much real and in stock.

Not only are they real but they've now made their way to El Paso. You can now purchase your pack of whatever flavor or all three at your local adult beverage store.

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