I wrote about this quite a while back but, apparently, it's still a thing.

A (not so new) phone scam is going on around El Paso where someone claiming to be with the El Paso Sheriff's Department calls you and demands payment for (supposedly) unpaid parking fines, warrants, etc. According to the El Paso Herald Post:

In cases were a payment is requested, the victim is told to buy Money Trax cards or gift cards for varying amounts to resolve the matter, the scammer further asks the victim to meet them at 3850 Justice Road,  in order to give them the money card. ‘

The "meeting" then gets canceled for some reason and the scammer asks for the gift card number. Once they have that, they cash in the card and keep your money.

COMPLETE BS!!   If someone calls you, or if you have any information that might help catch these crooks, call EPPD at (915) 832-4400 or the EPSO at (915) 832-4408.

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