The Distillers called it quits back in 2006 but it looks like they're getting back together not only for festival dates, but a date right here in El Paso.

Los Angeles punk rockers The Distillers haven't played a show together in well over a decade but it looks like they're dusting off their instruments and tuning their guitars to head back out. Last week, we saw hints that new shows may have been on the horizon, with a Distillers Twitter being created and lead singer Brody Dalle proceeded to share a teaser video to the Distillers Instagram page. After, the group confirmed that they would be reuniting for the 2018 Shaky Knees festival in May 2018. Fans were excited for the festival date but wondered if there would be headlining shows in the near future.

Well lucky for El Pasoans, the first headlining show announced is for right here in El Paso!

The Distillers will be playing the Lowbrow Palace on Sunday, April 29th. Little details are available at this time for this show but we will bring them to you as soon as we have more!

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