We all know things and people change over time whether it is good or bad. Juarez has been been an escape for locals in El Paso. Whether it is for some authentic Mexican food, partying, shopping, or just running away from the law.

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For example, a lot of people have enjoyed going shopping at the Mercado. The Mercado was where you could eat some good Mexican food and shop around for some good deals.

Plus Juarez has been the saving grace for uninsured people in El Paso. I know I am not the only one who has crossed over to Mexico for a procedure.

But I believe the most underrated part about Juarez is the entertainment on the streets. Some of us enjoy the Juarez trips because of what we look forward to encountering.

If you've driven on the Juarez streets then you should know what entertainment I am referring to. I am referring to either the family that plays instruments or the dudes that would juggle.

As a child growing up visiting family often in Juarez I enjoyed those trips for those purposes. It was cool seeing the entertainers run to the crosswalk and start pulling off their time-limited stunt. For example, Minmay07's YouTube short video shows exactly what I mean about the less fortunate trying to make a living below.

Seeing something like that go down on the streets when I was just a kid had me panicking worried it they would get hit by a car. Luckily, as I got older it became more entertaining than terrifying.

But I always felt that was the most underrated part about Ciudad Juarez. Especially, the family you would see on the bridge making a living by providing you a family concert with their instruments. Also, we can't forget about those that are willing to clean windshields on the bridge while cars are in the process of moving slowly.

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