A lot of people assume that because I work at a radio station I automatically get tickets to concerts. It's not always true, my friends. When news broke around the station that Metallica would be performing in our town, we all knew not to assume we'd get tickets.

The day tickets went on sale, we knew to be prepared. That day, I had four computers at the ready. With my card in hand, I waited for the countdown. The show sold out in less than thirty minutes and I walked away empty handed. This was a full YEAR before Metallica would take the stage at the Don Haskins Center, and trust me when I say that for that full year, I. WAS. SALTY. 

The year went by quickly, and the next thing I knew, it was February. Knowing that Metallica would be in my town and I didn't have tickets, I prayed hard that at some point my boss would say "we got tickets for you!" As the date got closer, I was losing hope and I got even more salty whenever I heard one of their songs! Metallica was set to perform on Thursday, that Tuesday, I got a life changing text.

It was my cousin. He got an offer to buy VIP tickets to see Metallica. Because my birthday was a few days after the concert, my cousin asked me if I would be his guest. I, of course in a calmly manner said "HELL YES!" It was a Metallica miracle! At this point, I'm both overjoyed but also feeling kind of bad, I knew my sister and my nephew wanted to see Metallica as well. Knowing that I'd be going and they wouldn't really bummed me out. Suddenly, another Metallica miracle happened! My co-worker offered to sell me her tickets for an amount that I will not disclose, but I'll just say, it was a great deal! I took it and by that evening, I had four tickets to see Metallica!

The day of the concert came and I was so excited that I couldn't take my usual nap after work. My cousin and I headed to the VIP area and it was amazing. The concert was of course badass, and the exhaustion I felt the next morning was totally worth it.

You can relive the night Metallica rocked the Don Hasins last year when we play the concert in its entirety for Backyard Bash on Saturday June 27th! You'll also have some great opportunities to win some great stuff! Find out more about Backyard Bash here.



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