Just who is COVID Cletus? Well, he's the guy that floods your social media with conspiracy theories and believes that the 'lamestream media' is out to control you and that the government wants to microchip you. Here is a quick guide to help you understand what is really being said:

  • "Do your research."
    • Translation - "Watch this YouTube video from a discredited scientist who doesn't have actual facts but agrees with my point of view. Oh, and ignore the other thousands of scientists that contradict what this one says."
  • "My liberties don't end where your feelings begin."
    • Translation - "I don't agree with what your idea of liberties are so I'm going to call them 'feelings' to make you seem weak. In reality, I just believe my liberties are more important than yours."
  • "Dr. Fauci said something completely different just last week. He's shaping the narrative to control us."
    • Translation - "I don't understand how the field of science actually works and I only deal in absolutes. If something changes, it has to be because either they are changing the narrative or they don't understand what they're doing. In reality, I don't understand any of it."
  • "The lamestream media doesn't report all the facts. They're after our President in a witch hunt."
    • Translation - "I don't agree with what the news is reporting so they have to be making it up. But I trust a guy who has been caught lying on a regular basis."

Most of what COVID Cletus says can be boiled down to the Dunning-Kruger effect. Just CLICK HERE and you can see why COVID Cletus tends to be so loud when it comes to 'what is really happening'.


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