This week the Morning Show tried the black bung ... I mean black BUN ... burger that Burger King is selling this year for Halloween. Here's my review.

Not bad. The bun didn't make it taste any different but they put A-1 on it which gave the burger a smoky flavor. I would definitely recommend it if Whataburger is too far away or if the line is too long at McDonalds.

Now, you may have heard internet reports that eating the BK Black Bun Burger was resulting in an odd side-effect. Specifically, the food coloring was turning people's stool a bright green. I am going on record as confirming these reports. Let me break down my bowel movements for you over the past three days.

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    Dump 1:

    What are these in the toilet?? Dill pickles??? Because it was seriously that green.

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    Dump 2:

    Still returning the Ninja Turtles to the sewer.

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    Dump 3:

    Still dropping Kermit off back at the swamp.

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    Dump 4:

    I've still got this one on deck but I have a feeling it's going to be an Incredible Hulk once it gets angry enough.  Hulk SMASH PUNY PORCELAIN!