I feel like I'm the only one who remembers a time when Burger King had tacos. Picture it, 2004, Joanna is a high school freshmen who doesn't have a lot of money and Burger King had .99 cent tacos. That's right, Burger King had .99 cent tacos and it was a glorious time to be alive. Well, 15 year old Joanna can rejoice again because tacos are back at Burger King!

Okay, so they're not .99 cents, but still! Tacos at Burger King hadn't been available since 2010, and now that they're back, I'm hella excited to go and try them! Will they still taste like I remember? Most importantly, will they hold up and feed my craving at 1 A.M. when I need a taco fix after a few libations? Only time will tell.

From what I remember of the Burger King tacos, and the best way I can describe them is they're like Jack in the Box tacos. Which, trust me, although it may not sound appetizing to you, J in the B tacos are delicious! The Burger King tacos are only here for a limited time, though, so if you'll excuse me, 15 year old Joanna has some munchies to settle and memories to relive.

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