Some Hispanics make it a tradition to explore what part of their culture is by watching the Bullfights. I think I can maybe relate to you if you have attended the Bullfights growing up as a child.

The last time I had gone to one was in college but changed after this past weekend. I remember when my family would go I always dreaded the ending. After seeing the movie Ferdinand I sat back and thought about all the bulls I cried for. I know and believe everyone has a right to have their own opinion. There are some people that enjoy the Bullfights and the others that just hate it. We are a border city and some of El Paso enjoys an occasional visit. I remember the Hyundai Sun Bowl out of state players were taken to Juarez and given a tour of the Plaza. They would have a local Bullfighter give a quick little demonstration without killing the bull. There are quite a few El Pasoans that introduce this sport to their out of town friends. I bet if all bulls could live as Ferdinand did, it wouldn't be so hated. After my recent visit to the Bullfights, I STILL have the same reaction as I did when I was younger when the bull was hurt. There have been some bulls that are allowed to live because of how well their performance is. One of the reasons why some bulls aren't killed is to have the strong ones mate.  I know Ferdinand is only a movie but I can wish all Bullfights ended happily with the bull living instead of having to die.

I am curious if you have ever gone to check out the Bullfights in Juarez while living in the borderland. Would you be open to watching the Bullfights if they let the bull live? Pick your choice down below in the poll!