Tool has released their fifth studio album in 13 years. 13 years, people! It's been since 2006's 10,000 Days and trust me when I say it actually feels like it's been 10,000 days (really it's only been about 4,745 days, give or take a few days for leap years). But now, the day has finally come, Tool's Fear Inoculum has officially been released and we have all been blessed with ten new songs to enrich our lives. Earlier in August, they released their title track single, and not going to lie, I enjoyed all ten minutes of it!

Reviews to Fear Incoculum have been great so far. Upon the release of their highly anticipated new album, Tool have also announced a new tour, along with Killing Joke, that will kick off on October 13 in Sacramento, California for Aftershock Festival. Tickets for the tour go on sale on Friday, September 6 and, needless to say, tickets will run out fast! (Pan to me, checking the tour dates to check which is closest to me).

While I have not listened to the album in it's entirety, I have been at work for the past six hours and on air for five hours, what I have listened to is pretty amazing. My weekend plans now consist of finishing Mindhunter on Netflix, and listening to this album from start to finish without interruptions. While I've only heard a few songs (thank you, Tool, for finally releasing your entire discography on Spotify!) I took to Twitter to check on what other Tool listeners were saying about the new album, the good and the bad.




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