We all remember that 2007 movie "I Am Legend" starring Will Smith, right? Well, it's based on a novel of the same name by Richard Matheson. While the movie and the book have similarities, they both have somewhat different endings. Now, someone needs to inform Ben Shapiro of that because it has become evident that he did not read it, also, I don't think he finished the entire movie.

On Monday, "I Am Legend" was trending on Twitter. Because I enjoyed the book and the movie, I clicked on it, only to be informed that the reason it was trending was because Ben Shapiro Tweeted out a bizarre theory involving the movie and President Trump:

While many of his supporters thought it would be hilarious if Trump held the cure to COVID-19 in his blood then forcing liberals to take the vaccine created by it, others were quick to point out that maybe he didn't see the ending of the movie. In the movie, Neville, played by Will Smith totally comes up with a treatment for the virus using his own blood, but he also totally dies at the end. In the novel, Neville realizes that he is the monster who created this awful virus and commits suicide. So, not such a happy ending for Neville.

Others on Twitter were trying to be helpful in explaining the ending to Shapiro, but also, roasting him in the process; which he kind of brought onto himself. Shapiro replied to the roast tweets a day later with this:

But it was too late, the damage had been done already. Check out some of the reactions below!



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