Some people like romantic getaways, some people love the great outdoors, some folks plan their trips around sporting events.  With Halloween right around the corner, why not use that down time to get creeped out?

Some people prefer romantic get aways, some like the great outdoors,or big time sporting events.  If you have any time this Halloween season, take a creepy trip!  Total vacation or long weekend (depending on where you live), here are a few ideas for a haunted holiday!!

Buildings made of human bones, haunted swamps (THATS the one I want to go on!!) and a Dracula inspiring castle .... check these scary and/or just freakin' weird sites out from!

The Galveston one sounds pretty cool also, which one would you take??  Got any other creepy places to visit?  I suggest Fort Davis, a couple of hours east of El Paso!  The area around Fort Davis Is really beautiful also, and even has a nearby ghost town!!

Close creepyness rox!!

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