Spring is totally in the air so, let's turn our thoughts to drinking outside!

With the exception of a windy day here and there, Spring in El Paso is pretty nice. Many bars throughout the Borderland have really nice patios so, here are a few of my favorite places to kick back outside and enjoy the nice weather or catch a beautiful El Paso sunset:

  • Gringo Theory, 11410 Montana. A nice patio, some fun games to play and you can bring your furry friends too! (Directions)
  • 5 Points Bistro, 3019 Montana. Beautiful patio which also offers a good degree of shielding from the Spring winds. (Directions)
  • 3 Pints Pub, 10710 Gateway North. Nice patio and an awesome view of the Franklin mountains. Great spot to be at sunset! (Directions)
  • Sun Brewing Co, 101 La Union Ave. Kick back right by the river and have a cold one. Another great spot to watch the sunset too. (Directions)

That's just a few to cover each side of town, there are lots more. Which are your favorites??  List 'em in the comments!!

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