Everyone is on lockdown. Your kids are cooped up at the house and you're struggling to find things to let them watch on TV. They want to watch things like Jessie. That's all well and good when they are watching something by themselves, but that theme song makes me want to shove pencils in my ears. So, what are some shows that are on Disney+ that will still entertain you?

  1. The Simpsons - This one is a no brainer. I was nine years old when this show left the Tracy Ullman Show and became it's own entity. It has everything you could want for both the kids and adults. And there 682 total episodes, so you aren't short on content.
  2. The Clone Wars - If you're a Star Wars fan, this one should be easy for you. Although the beginning of this series was a bit rough for adults. It was completely targeted at the kids with way too much Jar Jar Binks. But the final season just wrapped up on Disney+, and this is a must watch for any Star Wars fan. Same goes for the other Star Wars shows like Resistance, and Rebels.
  3. Gravity Falls - I just got into this one with my kid and I've thoroughly enjoyed it. It has a good amount of silly humor that both kids and adults will enjoy.
  4. Mickey Mouse - That title might confuse you, but there was a series of new Mickey cartoons that ran from 2013 to 2018 and they are hilarious. We first got introduced to these when we were staying at Disneyland a few years ago. Seriously, give them a shot.
  5. Any show that you watched as a kid - They have the old and new Duck Tales, plus Tale SpinDarkwing Duck, even Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers. Take a trip down memory lane with your kid(s) and enjoy some cartoons from your past.

Here is a sample of the Mickey cartoons I mentioned.


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