What do you think??

That is a TOUGH question for me, there were soooo many!

I think I'll just try and pick the best of our KLAQ events ....

Balloonfest ... It was a great lineup, but I have to give it to Cage 9 this year.  Helluva show from those guys!!!!!!!

Street Fest ... Egypt Central, all the way!!!!!!!  Great show, great guys and, talk about a party!  (Lasted almost a week!)  Hopefully we'll see them again in 2012!

KLAQ BBQ ... THAT is a hard one.  So, I'm gonna call it a tie! 

Aranda, I've seen and hung out with those guys a few times.  Always a blast to party with and ALWAYS a riot on stage.  If you haven't seen them yet, hopefully you'll get that chance soon.  The new CD drops (hopefully) around February of 2012!

Halestorm, I hadn't seen before.  (I was tied up with another band when they stormed through on the Avalanche tour.)  After the BBQ, I was kicking myself for not moving that other "meet n greet"!

They EXPLODED onto the BBQ stage and put on one of the best BBQ performances, not only of 2011, but of all time.  I can't wait to see them again.  Esp Lzzy!! ;)  

There you go!  My personal picks ... as for you guys; follow the link to see who you picked as the best concert of 2011 on KLAQ.com

Happy New Year everyone!! :)  Hold on tight now, here comes 2012 ... and it's gonna be LOUD!

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