We've gotten a number of requests for this so we've posted The Ballad of Tony Romo at the bottom of this post.

Tony Romo is out for 8 to 10 weeks. What's going to happen if Dak Prescott comes out blazing during the first half of the season? It's going to be hard to make the case to bench Prescott when Romo is healthy IF Prescott has been doing well. That's going to cause a problem.

There exists in Cowboys fandom, a contingent of fans who believe Tony is and will always be the greatest player to ever wear the silver and blue. They fully expect Romo to come back in week 8 or 9 and lead the Cowboys to the Super Bowl. They will expect this without regard to how well Dak is doing.

I've never fully understood the adoration Romo receives. In his prime he was a better than average NFL quarterback but he's only ever lead the Cowboys to 2 post-season wins, which is a statistic that still boggles my mind even as I write it. To the die-hard Romo fans, he is much more revered than Troy Aikman was at the same point in his career. And what did Aikman ever do for them?? Oh, yeah...three out of four Super Bowl victories.

Oh, I should acknowledge that there is an error in the lyrics of this song. The lyrics say Romo was drafted. As every Cowboy fan knows, he wasn't drafted. He came to the team as an undrafted free agent in 2003. So, I acknowledge the mistake. I'm just not that big an NFL fan. To me, this mistake would be the equivalent of writing that the Enterprise's serial number was NCC1701 and then getting called out by an enraged Trekkie for not including the dash between NCC and 1701. In both cases, I'll admit that I'm wrong but I'll never care enough to go back and make a correction.

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