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Tony Romo Says Home Win Felt Like Road Game
The Dallas Cowboys are off to a 4-1 start this year, with no help from their fans.  They beat the Texans last night at home, but there were so many Texans fans in the stadium that Tony Romo said it felt like an away game.
Houston TV Station Tony Romo Still Gayest Player on Cowgirls
It might be an accident. It might be on purpose. But it was definitely on TV for all to see. Houston's FOX26 news scrolled something very unfortunate underneath the video of their newscast in the wake of Michael Sam's signing with Dallas: "Tony Romo, still the gayest player on Cow…
Dallas Cowboys Sports Curse
The Chicago Cubs have one. Until 2004, the Red Sox had one that lasted for 86 years.  Well, the Dallas Cowboys also have a long-standing sports curse. You can hear all about it by clicking the jump link, below....

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