This past weekend the wife and I did a 5K that included wine. It was awesome. And we ran into Producer Dave's wife. Here are the topics from this week's episode of The After Buzz.

  • The Wicked Wine Run was a ton of fun and would definitely do it again. I even made pretty good time on the run. Finished the 5K in about 28 minutes.
  • The season finale of Game of Thrones was not good. I didn't hate it, but there were a lot of issues with it. It was rushed, and it seemed like they just wrapped up story lines because they didn't have enough time to properly tell the story.
  • A couple of things you should be watching though are Barry, which is on HBO starring Bill Hader, and Jailbirds which is a series on Netflix. You'll never look at a toilet the same way again after watching it.
  • And I talk about how much of a disappointment Nico is. We had a challenge for him and he failed miserably. But, at least he showed up on time. Baby steps I guess.

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