Earlier in the week, people had in the YouTube chat had been asking about my tattoo and haunted studio stories. So you get to see, not only my tattoo, but also where the hidden Mickey is. Then I go into the story about the time I slept at the studio and had really weird dreams.

Then I start fielding a bunch of questions from the chat, which leads down the path of ranting about people who get offended too easily. Seriously, chances are if you complain about being offended, you are just being overly sensitive. That's not to say you don't have the right to be offended. You do. Just don't think someone should automatically lose their job if you are offended by something they did. I'm offended that people actually default to that.

And then I wrap up this After Buzz talking about the most anticipated movies of the summer. And Scott and I realize, there aren't a lot of movies to look forward too.

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