I'm not gonna lie, I really didn't have a lot planned for this After Buzz. But that wasn't going to stop us! Nico joined me this week so we could talk about the song parody that he stayed up all night to finish, that was an hour too late anyway. He wrote a song about "shrubs" to TLC's No Scrubs. The only problem was it was for Love A Tree Day and he sent the song an hour after the show was over. But don't worry, he sings it in this After Buzz.

I also mention that for this Friday and next Monday and Tuesday I'll be filling in for Toni Gonzalez on Loudwire Nights. I've known Toni for over 10 years now, and she was not only my co-worker in Florida, but my real estate agent as well. I also talk about how I replaced her on the rock station we were on together, and messed up that move was because she was the most talented person we had on that station.


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