I cracked a joke a few weeks ago about not being stopped at the front of Walmart with my girlfriend because I'm white. After a chuckle, my girlfriend started to realize that there might be come truth to that statement. So I talk about the story and also about how we plan on testing this theory out the next time we go to Walmart.

I also had a couple of band/concert stories. It was a few years ago I ended up going to a couple different Tool shows back in Oregon. One show with my mom and sister, and the other with my dad. Both shows were great by the way.

And someone in the YouTube chat had mentioned the group Army of Anyone. It consisted of Ray Luzier (the current drummer for Korn), the DeLeo brothers (from the Stone Temple Pilots) and Richard Patrick (from Filter and one of my favorite lead singers of all time). They had one album released back in 2006, and they did a radio tour before it's released. I got to record with them and it is my top radio moment of my career.