The After Buzz returned this Wednesday! And for the time being, while we're banned from live streaming on YouTube, we'll be live streaming is on Facebook, and then it will be uploaded to YouTube after the fact.

This week:

  • Scott sings and apologizes for being a two timer
  • I almost passed out on the Guardians of the Galaxy ride at Disney's California Adventure
  • I go off on load/mortgage companies and how I kept getting hosed by them when I lived in Florida
  • I"m selling off lots of my stuff and I talk about how I had my He-Man toys sold, then a new collection bought for me, only to have them sit in a box for almost 10 years
  • And I wrap up by talking about Buzz touching my damn food. Seriously, it's almost daily, he walks into my studio and reaches for any food I have out. It's to the point I'm hiding it.

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