It's been a big topic on the Buzz Adams Morning Show this past week. Decriminalizing marijuana. We spoke with Texas state Representative Joe Moody this week about House Bill 81 that would make being caught with under an ounce a civil offense, and would come with just a $250 fine.

So of course we had to cover marijuana stories on the After Buzz. I talk about my first encounter, which includes a guy named Breeze and a 6 foot bong. Oh, and it was on a 4th of July where it was in the upper 90s, but by night time the temp had plummeted and it started raining. Needless to say, I was wondering how long I had been inside.

I also give a brief spiel on how stupid it is that alcohol, tobacco, and drugs like Oxy are legal, but for some reason marijuana is not. Because honestly, if you believe that any of those are okay to be legal, but have an issue with marijuana, you need to step out of the stone age and come into the 'stoned' age.

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