This week's After Buzz was all about 13 Reasons Why, and Nico's terrible accents. But mostly 13 Reasons Why. Both Joanna and I have seen the entire first season, while Nico watched the first episode and then went to Wikipedia to read about the rest.


We do talk about the show and give lots of spoilers because the point of this was to talk about what they could do with a seconds season, and some things that you may have missed when watching the show.

First, something that I picked up on in the show was the Jeff was going to die. The guy that Clay was tutoring, shows up at the beginning of the episode that takes place at the dance. Clay starts dancing with Hannah, and suddenly her wrists are bleeding (yeah, it's a dream/nightmare) and then suddenly everyone is gone. But up in the bleachers, there's Jeff with a bloody face. And it was right around this time there's a scene where one of the adults in the show talks about losing two students in a couple of months. Boom, foreshadowing.

Plus we get into the end of the season and what exactly happened.

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