December is here and we all know what special day is later this month, don't we? Yes, on the 17th Star Wars: The Force Awakens hits theatres!  I know, I know ... some of you are in the spirit of the season already, with visions of cross-bar lightsabres and BB-8s dancing in your heads. Others, though, might need a little help getting pumped up for this, the most special time of year.

Here are three houses with Christmas lights synchronized to Star Wars music.

  • 1

    I love this first one because the house is so modest. It's your basic 2, maybe 3, bedroom ranch-style. So you know the owner must really have a high Midichlorian count to put together something this awesome on a budget.

  • 2

    This one is so majestic I would have the urge to walk right up to the front door, ring the bell, and expect a space princess to come and hang a medallion around my neck.


  • 3

    This one may not be as good technically as the other two but they have a Sith snowman fighting a Jedi Santa!