Thanks to COVID-19 you may not have as many guests this year but, also thanks to COVID 19, it will be cheaper to feed them.

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a horrible effect on the economy and just about all of us are feeling its bite. There is one tiny upside to this though, thanksgiving dinner will be a little cheaper this year. Turkey prices have fallen about 15%, mostly due to turkey dealers not selling as many to the restaurant industry.

They're closed, forced to limit their capacities, or open for shorter hours so, with fewer customers; they've ordered fewer turkeys. Overall, a complete Thanksgiving dinner this year, turkey, stuffing, sides, salad, dessert, etc is estimated to be about $44.21 per person. Down $3.80 from last year.

Prices have fallen on almost all the typical Thanksgiving dinner ingredients, see what else is cheaper this year here.

Any savings is welcome these days but, while this seems like a small break for all, it's really kind of a push.

You won't spend quite as much as usual but, you probably won't have as many guests as usual either due to all the travel restrictions, curfews, stay-at-home orders, illnesses, etc.

My family Thanksgiving headcount is usually anywhere from 10 - 15 but, this year it's looking more like 4. Possibly 2. At the rate things are going, it may fall to 1.

If that happens, I'll be less interested in turkey discounts and more interested in discounts at my favorite burger joint. Or, maybe it will be tacos this year.

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