When living in, or visiting, a place like Los Angeles, it isn’t uncommon to come across a celebrity. There are so many of them living there that you can spot them out and about at stores, getting food, or simply driving around.

For those of us that aren’t used to the idea of casually spotting a celebrity in our everyday life, it would be a very exciting experience. Especially if it is someone that you are a big fan of.

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Well, apparently this happened to a group of women from Dallas who were visiting Los Angeles. They were out driving when they spotted someone that looked familiar driving along with them. Upon further inspection they realized it was Justin Bieber.

They rolled their windows down, hoping to get a better look, and he noticed them, smiling and waving as he drove past in his Mercedes. In true fan-girl fashion, they screamed out his name, overwhelmed with excitement.

With their minds running a mile a minute, not knowing what to say, one of them decides to yell out “from Dallas” as he passes.

They posted a video from this interaction on TikTok and captioned it with “You don’t know what to say when you see Justin Bieber so you yell out what city you’re from.”

I love when people can make light of slightly embarrassing moments and I think most people would have done something similar to what they did. When you spot someone you are a fan of, your mind can get all jumbled and not know what to do. So, shouting out the city you’re from seems like the best idea at the time.

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