A Texas man has been arrested for his role in the Capitol riots after his 18-year-old son turned him in. On January 6th, 48-year-old Guy Reffitt  went to Washington D.C. to attend the "Stop The Steal" event at the Capitol. What Guy wasn't aware of was the fact that his son Jackson Reffitt had already informed the FBI that his father was in attendance at the riot. Before Guy Reffitt left his home near Dallas to travel to Washington, he had an argument with his two kids about his wishes to go to the Capitol.

According to NBC News, Reffitt threatened his daughter by saying he'd "put a bullet through her phone" if she recorded their argument or put his statements on her social media pages. His wife also told the FBI that he threatened both his son and daughter by saying "you know what happened to traitors....traitors get shot." Jackson told the FBI that his father had been threatening to do "something big," but he wasn't exactly sure what his father had planned, according to the New York Times.

The FBI contacted the younger Reffitt after the January 6th riot to have him help identify his father from footage from the riot. His wife told investigators that her husband was a member of the far-right ground, the 3 Percenters militia, and that he said he went to Washington to "protect his country," per Newser. Guy's son Jackson said he cooperated with the authorities to avoid a possible shootout between his father and law enforcement. Jackson told Fox 4 News he was worried his father would open fire on police if they attempted to arrest him.

While he knows his father is upset he spoke to police about his involvement, the teen says he hopes the two can rebuild their relationship again. A GoFundMe page has been started for Jackson Reffitt and has already raised over $125,000 for the 18-year-old. Jackson says the money raised will used for college or for savings. He also states that he is currently kicked out of his parent's home due to his involvement in his father's case.

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