Y'all remember that movie "Twister"? It had Helen Hunt and Bill Paxton (RIP) as a couple of tornado obsessed storm chasers whose only dream was to get their weather sensors on the inside of a tornado. I don't know if that (amazing) movie was scientifically accurate, but it sure made me want to be a storm chaser at one point!

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What is a Storm Chaser?

A storm chaser is someone who scouts out tornadoes or severe weather, sometimes as a hobby or sometimes as their job, in order to study it or just photograph it. And, although "Twister" was set in Oklahoma, the Lone Star state certainly has its fair share of severe weather and tornadoes; and if you're a storm chaser in Texas, then you'll definitely want to be following this one Facebook page.

Lucy Chian via Unsplash
Lucy Chian via Unsplash

Fans of Texas Storm Chasers

If you're storm chaser curious, over on Facebook is a great group called Fans of Texas Storm Chasers, where many Texans are free to share their videos and photos of severe weather in the Lone Star state. The videos could be simple; like this one of a storm brewing over a field.

Or even just a simple time lapse to the moments leading up to a big storm.

And for those who love a good lightning storm, there's plenty of videos to admire.

So, if you're like me and didn't take the plunge to become a storm chaser, you can always check out the Fans of Texas Storm Chasers page and maybe just pretend that you are one too!


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