You can drive your car to it but once it's parked, it's going to stay parked.

Resaca De La Palma State Park is not only huge, it's beautiful and quiet. Officials are very particular about that quiet part so, don't plan on driving through the park.

Resaca De La Palma State Park is the largest of three parks that all belong to the World Birding Center.  Being that it is a bird sanctuary, you can see why they want us to keep a lid on the noise.

Don't panic though, there are plenty of ways to enjoy the park without your ride.

Visitors can get around on foot, bike, or by hopping on the park's very own tram for a guided tour - but no cars are allowed. Without the sounds of revving engines and blaring music, both people and wildlife can be fully at peace in this little slice of Texas paradise. -

Where Is Resaca De La Palma

Resaca de la Palma State Park is in Brownsville, Texas, less than an hour from South Padre Island. Both places offers tons of fun things to do and, if you're truly all about the animals, the Gladys Porter Zoo is nearby.

Learn more about the park by visiting the World Birding Center website. Check out some pics and other stuff via the parks social media accounts on Instagram or on Facebook.

I lived in Brownsville once. Climate-wise, think sub-tropical and, if your group is all adults, I suggest staying in South Padre. That's more where the party is.

Especially if it's around Spring Break.

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