Not everything is bigger in Texas...

The smallest law enforcement presence in Texas is located in Borden County, in west Texas about 70 miles from Lubbock.

Borden is the 5th least populated county in Texas and, fortunately for local law, is home to under 700 people. Another break for 5-OH in Borden is that it's one of the states last "dry" counties.

What Is The Smallest Police Force In Texas?

I'm sure keeping everyone, reasonably, sober helps quite a bit to ease the demands on the Borden County Sheriff's office.

The Sheriff and his deputy, (yep ... that's it ... 2 guys), take turns being on call.

At least one of them is ready to rock 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Photo, Amazon
Photo, Amazon

Something that Borden County Sheriff Benny Allison says can be tough, even if they are a tiny town with a small, (presumably sober and well behaved), population.

We're pretty much the only agency in the county. ... If we get into something just really bad that we need (help), we call some of the surrounding agencies for backup, but usually it's just us," Allison said. "There's times it's pretty hard. - lubbockonline

I hope the crooks in Borden take into consideration how rough that can be and let these guys sleep at night. Let's keep the crime to Monday-Friday between 8am and 5pm guys, huh?  Weekends by appointment.

What Is The Largest Police Force In Texas?

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On the flip side, there's a Texas sized gap between smallest and biggest when it comes to the law in Texas.

When it comes to municipal poh - poh, that title goes to Houston PD which has almost 7,000 officers.

They beat Houston's Harris County Sheriffs Department by over 1,000 badges.

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