Updates to Texas' education requirements go into effect next year, which will have elementary school children learning cursive again. But is it necessary? Changes made to the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills, or TEKS, for language arts will have elementary school children in the state once again learning cursive. The updates were decided in 2017 but will not go into effect until the 2019-2020 school term. Children as young as the second grade will begin learning the beauty of cursive and must be able to write legibly by the fifth grade, according to KXAN.

While many are applauding this decision and welcome cursive back into the Lone Star state's curriculum, others do not see the need to have cursive back. Adults have voiced their opinion, saying thy haven't used cursive since they were in elementary school or only use it when signing their name. Technology has also pushed away plain writing as well, with applications for scholarships, colleges, careers and more all done electronically. With traditional writing being used less and less, some wonder if it's still necessary to learn the elegant script of cursive?

My answer is yes. Cursive is something that was taught and even if it isn't used in day to day life, is still a necessary skill young people should be learning. And cursive is still technically used in day to day life. How else are you supposed to sign your name?

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