A recent study ranked each state's school system and Texas scored low.

24/7wallst.com recently ranked school systems from best to worst and Texas got a C-. The study:

reviewed education data for each state from the 2017 edition of the Quality Counts report, released annually by Education Week. The report assessed metrics in three broad categories that can determine the strength of a school system: school finances, student achievement, and environmental factors.

The study says Texas' system faces several major issues, including:

  • Only 72.3% of Texas children, (vs. 83.1% nationally), are raised by fluent English speakers.
  • Texas schools are poorly funded with the state allocating only 2.9% of it's taxable resources to schools.
  • Only 8.2% of Texas students live in districts that receive greater per-pupil funding than the $12,592 national average.

Our neighbors in New Mexico got a D. Major factors in their grade included the lowest high school graduation rate, (68.6%), in the country and low school funding. Massachusetts was ranked best, scoring a "B", and Nevada came in last with a "D".

No "F's" were given ...

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