Netflix has a new series that focuses on extreme sports called Home Game. One of the episodes of Home Game features the skaters of TXRD. Netflix's new series Home Game gives you some insight into dangerous sports across the world. One of their stops focused on the Texas Roller Derby in Austin, Texas. Anyone who has never trained or played Roller Derby can't say it isn't an extreme sport. Many years ago I was interested in the roller derby except my ex-partner then wasn't supportive so I stopped. But the times I attended practices always left me exhausted and sore. I am happy that Netflix is putting the spotlight on this sport where ladies can show their bravery. Roller Derby isn't an easy sport especially when you're on roller skates while the opposing team member tries knocking you down.

Veronica Gonzalez
Veronica Gonzalez

It is such a pleasure that out of all the other places Netflix's Home Game decided to stop in Austin, Texas. The episode featured on Netflix was filmed in 2019 for the Rhinestone vs. Cherry Bomb playoff game. If you've ever attended a roller derby game then you know how insane it can get. This new docuseries mainly focuses on the Cherry Bombs and shows you how tough these ladies truly are. It is about time Texas women are recognized for playing an extreme sport that doesn't get enough recognition. Thanks to Home Game you can witness the typical roller derby routine for the Cherry Bombs team. The episode is already up for you to see and understand a little bit more about this extreme sport.

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