TX Rep. Dan Crenshaw lost his right eye in Afghanistan and now is in danger of losing his sight in his left eye after emergency surgery.

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Texas Representative Dan Crenshaw is a former Navy SEAL who became a Texas congressman. The politician is known for his black eye patch over his right eye, an old injury from an IED blast in Afghanistan in 2012. Rep. Crenshaw lost his eye after the incident.

The Representative from Texas’ 2nd District released a statement on his Twitter saying his good eye also received damage from the blast including “a cataract, excessive tissue damage, and extensive damage to (the) retina.” Crenshaw said there was always a possibility that the damage could resurface again and would require surgery.

Rep. Crenshaw wrote he started to experience some “dark, blurry spots” in his vision and doctors discovered his retina was detaching. According to his statement, the prognosis he received was "obviously very bad." Crenshaw underwent emergency surgery and is now recovering.

Crenshaw says he will be “pretty much off the grid for the next few weeks” since the surgery left him "effectively blind" for the next month while he recovers. Part of Crenshaw's rehabilitation will require him to remain facedown for at least a week. While Rep. Crenshaw won't be able to go to work, he says his offices will continue operating and he will occasionally give updates on his recovery process. You can read Dan Crenshaw's full statement below.

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