If you were born in the 90s, or grew up in the 90s, you saw Pokémon EVERYWHERE. Whether it was the video games, the tv show, or random merchandise, you knew what it was & over 20 years later, it's still one of the biggest franchises in the world. However with all the different species of Pokémon out there (over 1000 to be exact), none of them are based on any of the states in America. But thankfully there are people who created & shared what THEY believe Pokémon would look like from the states, including Texas.

So what WOULD A Texas Pokémon look like?

Until Game Freak & Nintendo make official artwork on Pokémon based on real states, one TikTok user named, "pen_paladin", has made a couple of starter Pokémon (the 3 Pokémon trainers can choose when they start a new game) based all around the state of Texas.

To create each starter Pokémon,

  • He took his inspiration from the NASA Johnson Space Center in Houston to create the Fire type,
  • his friend who got stung in Corpus Cristi by a jellyfish (Water type)
  • & for the grass type, he mixed a cow with the state flower, the blue bonnet.

That's not the only person who's created Texas Pokémon art

A YouTuber named PragMagik, also created HIS own renditions on what Pokémon would look like, based on the state of Texas. He took inspirations from different sources:

  • A cactus creature for the Grass type,
  • A fire cow for the...well Fire type
  • and A seagull for the water type.

Does Arizona or New Mexico have any Pokémon based on the states?

As a matter of they do. PragMagik even went on to design starter Pokémon for both states as well in a video where he included Utah & Colorado in the same video.

Until we actually see some REAL Pokémon based on Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, or any of the other 47 states, at least we can enjoy these fan made creations. Or perhaps people can design their OWN.

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