Pizza, cold beer and... E.T., is that you? That's what you can expect when Dark Side Brick Oven Pizza Co. opens up this fall in Boerne, Texas.

If you’re into Star Wars, Jaws, The Terminator, E.T. … you’re gonna be able to find it here.

That's according to owner Michael Hawes, who has been keeping fans up to date on the progress of Dark Size Brick Oven Pizza Co. which looks like it's going to be full of '80s memorabilia; like the spaceship that took E.T. back home!

Dark Side Pizza Co. isn't fully complete yet, but from the looks of it, construction is at full speed in order to get this pizzeria open by fall!

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But more than anything, Hawes has been great at teasing all the props you can expect when you visit Dark Side Pizza Co., like Teen Wolf, in his full hairy glory.

And of course, you can't have the E.T. spaceship without the main alien himself, E.T.- no word yet on whether he speaks and says his iconic line, "E.T. phone home"

And most recently, Dark Side Pizza Co. shared video of their replica of the iconic DeLorean from Back to the Future!

There's no word yet on when Dark Side Pizza Co. is set to open, but it already looks like it has a lot of fans. Those looking to keep up to date on the progress can do so by following their Instagram page here.

'80s nostalgia is at an all time high since the popularity of Stranger Things. Most recently I wrote about Gen X content creator Carmen Q. Gollihar who is also from Boerne, I can't wait to see what videos she'll come up with when Dark Side Pizza Co. finally opens!

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