A Texas mom has been arrested for letting multiple dangerous, exotic animals roam her Texas home around her daughter.

A Texas mom who moved this year to the Houston-area was arrested for a child endangerment charge last week. Houston police started a theft investigation back in September after Trisha Meyer allegedly sold an exotic kitten for $3,000 but never delivered the feline. When officials visited Meyer's home, they found tigers, monkeys, a skunk, a cougar and a fox  on the property. They also saw Meyer's 14 year-old daughter petting some of the animals.

When questioned by authorities, Meyer's admitted some of the monkey's were "vicious" and one of the primates was known to attack people. A male tiger inside the home was at an age that Meyer's admitted could be dangerous.

Trisha Meyer moved to Texas from Pahrump, Nevada where she had tiger permits. According to the Houston Chronicle, tigers are allowed to be pets in Harris County, Texas but they must be registered with the county health department and have regulations that must be followed.

After police contacted Meyer's landlord, she was kicked out of her home. She allegedly then fled to Las Vegas with her exotic pets and was arrested later in Nye County, Nevada. She is now in jail in Nye County, awaiting extradition on a child endangerment charge.

Her animals were confiscated by authorities.