Many kids across the country are wondering if they'll be able to see Santa this year before Christmas. A mall in Texas has created a unique way to see Santa. Last week, we discussed the new normal when it comes to visiting Santa. Malls and stores across the country have added extra safety and sanitary practices to keep visitors and our neighborhood Santas safe.

A mall in Texas has come up with a unique way to allow children to see Santa that hasn't been seen yet before. The Sugar Land Townsquare in Houston teamed up with the Flight School Studio art collective to create a unique way for kids to see Santa this year, even if it's through a snow globe. At this art installation, named "Santa's MAGI-SPHERE," visitors walk through a giant gift-wrapped display towards a large snowglobe. Inside the snowglobe is a hologram of jolly old Saint Nick. "Santa's MAGI-SPHERE" will be on display until December 24th. See more about the art installation on the Click 2 Houston website and learn more about the Flight School Studio on their Instagram page or website.

While some people might seem safer staying home and skipping their annual visit to see Santa, others want to keep some semblance of normal for their families. If you do venture out, make sure you wear your mask, stay 6 feet apart, and continue social distancing from those outside your household. Let's keep the numbers going down!

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