In a shocking decision, a Texas jury has sided with Buc-ee's travel stops that a logo with an alligator on it is too similar to their beaver logo. Seriously. Travel through the Lone Star state long enough and you've probably seen a Buc-ee's before. They've been around since the early 1980s and have grown into the massive mega-stops in central and east Texas that are known today. The  company is fairly protective of their logo and have sued other companies in the past for having logos similar to their sacred beaver. However, last week's ruling has left some scratching their heads when a Texas jury ruled in Buc-ee's favor. The company running Choke Canyon travel stops will have to pay Buc-ee's Ltd. for trademark infringement after the court decided their alligator mascot looked too Buc-ee's beaver. If you look at the logos next to each other, it's hard to see much of a resemblance between the two, other than similar colors. But also, there's the issue that they believe a beaver looks similar to an alligator. A representative for Buc-ee's though, argues that this isn't about a beaver versus an alligator,

"It’s absolutely not about a beaver versus an alligator.There are more than 10 similarities between the two marks that we presented to the jury in this case."

Choke Canyon says they're confused by the ruling because they don't believe that consumers would confuse....well, an alligator with a beaver. Check out the logos for yourself and see if you would mix up a beaver and an alligator. Check out the two logos at the News 4 San Antonio website.

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