In Texas, in the year 2020, there were a reported 108,851 reported burglaries. In 2019, Texas had the country’s 8th highest burglary rate at 431.2 per 100,000 residents.

Just how safe is your home? While it may seem like home burglaries are not that common these days- it seems like everyone has home cameras now- they're still not unheard of!

When do burglaries usually happen?

According to experts, burglaries happen once every 30 seconds on average in the U.S. and most break-ins occur between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. An unlocked door or window can be the cause of many burglaries. Thieves are really good at getting in and out as experts say the average burglary lasts ten minutes or less!

In those ten minutes, just where are burglars looking? How do they know where to go to first? Well, I've got that answer. According to Reader's Digest, these are the ten hiding spots burglars will always look first. So, beware Texans, if you thought these were your secret hiding spots, think again!

10 'Secret Spots' Burglars Will Check First in Your Texas Home

Texans, beware! If you hide your valuables in any of these ten spots, be aware burglars will check there first!

Are you guilty of any of these? I know I am.

I'm no stranger to a home burglary. When I was younger, our house was broken into. It happened during the middle of the night, and while my parents may have thought their secret hiding places were safe, they were wrong! The thieves turned the house upside down, and even helped themselves to some sandwiches while they were there.

Burglaries not only take away your valuables, but they also take away your sense of security; it definitely takes awhile to feel safe in your own home again. But these days, with all the new home security systems and home cameras on the market, it shouldn't be hard to protect your home.


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