At Canutillo High School the class of 2018 has a new challenge and it's not to graduate on time. In a newly distributed list, seniors are challenged to earn points by performing some dangerous, and some illegal, activities. In order to join in on it, you have to make a group and pay $10, you have to make a private account, have a least two girls per group and most importantly don't show the list to anyone.

The list consists of 101 challenges and each challenge has a certain number of points. Some of the challenges are:

  • Sleep on another school roof
  • Race bikes at Walmart
  • Dine and dash
  • Pie a stranger in the face
  • Walk through a car wash
  • Shave your head
  • Shotgun a beer in the halls
  • Water balloon fight at school
  • use a stores intercom
  • Do a pickup line on stranger
  • Take a s**t at a public place
  • Tip a cow for
  • Pepper spray yourself
  • Get tazed
  • Give food to a homeless man
  • Motorboat a stranger
  • Pierce your nipple
  • Skinny dip
  • Full naked iced bath
  • Pull up to a drive through naked
  • Play beer pong at a public place
  • Smoke marijuana in class
  • Jump out of a moving car
  • Stealing
  • Streaking
  • Tagging a police car

There are way more, and whoever gets the most points gets all the money, which is at around $6,000. But one certain challenge has made a target out of a student. Senior Hazel Roldan tells CBS4/KFOX14 that number 56 on the list is "jump over a little person" for 25 points. Those aren't the exact words on the list of course. Hazel is the only little person at her school which basically made her the main target for those 25 points. Not only is the challenge offensive, it's dangerous to Hazel who has fragile bones. When Roldan heard about it, she took it up with the principal Teresa Clapsaddle who said she would "send a reminder message to see what they can do to stop this." Clapsaddle followed through and sent a text message the the senior class that read:

"If jumping a small person (midget) is one of your challenges, you stay away from Hazel Roldan!!!”" 

Roldan was then deemed a snitch by her fellow classmates and feels like the text made things worst when the principal released her first and last name. She says:

"Basically, I'm the prey and she's giving the meal to them to come and get it. Now I cannot even think about graduating or being happy about it. Now I'm in fear that something is going to happen to me."

Roldan says Clapsaddle sent a follow up text to approve one of the challenges- a water balloon fight. The Canutillo Independent School District then released this statement:

"Our district takes a strong stance against derogatory language and/or harmful actions towards any individual. The principal took immediate action to thwart the proposed 'senior prank'. However, the choice of words by the students and principal were inappropriate and we will take this opportunity to teach and remind our students, staff and the community about respectful ways to refer to and treat all people."

No word from the district on some of the other challenges, especially the ones that are illegal. Roldan's mother, Aridna Segura, says she has notified the police and wants parents to be aware before their children get hurt.

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